Gocek Island Fethiye Gulf

 Information about Gocek Island in Fethiye Gulf.

 Gocek Island is opposite of Gocek town . Gocek Island is a natural defender for Gocek and this makes Gocek a safe harbour for all boats, yachts and ships. Gocek Island stops the most powerfull winds and it’s name comes from Gocek because of this relationship. Gocek Island is another popular stop for gullets, boats in Fethiye Gulf. Today Fethiye 12 Islands Boat Tours, Fethiye Private Boat Tours and Blue Cruises stops in Gocek Island for their memorable moments. Gocek Island has lots of tiny bays for each boat for silent breaks. If yoou like you can cool off and swim or if you like you can discover the pine forests in Gocek Island. Gocek Island is highly recommended place to visit in Fethiye Gulf during your holiday period.

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